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Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Blog Posts and Online Articles

This post is intended to be an up-to-date collection of blog posts and online articles cited in the article “Gender in Biblical Studies after the Forgery of The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.Biblical Interpretation 26 (2018): 391-412.  Links cited in the article are all collected here for ease of access. [Last Updated 30 Aug 2018]


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———. 2014. “What a Very Odd and Curious Response: Or, How Some Feminists Need to Learn about Adiaphora,” online post at Zwinglius Redivivus <>.

———. 2016. “The State of Biblical Scholarship in America: An Observation,” online post at Zwinglius Redivivus <>.


Other links of interest:
The Smithsonian‘s initial announcement of GJW (2012)

Ariel Sabar’s update on GJW at The Smithsonian (2012)

An abbreviated version of Tony Burke’s “Heresy Hunting” article (2008)

e-Clavis entry on GJW, by Ian Brown with a thorough bibliography (2017)

A nearly comprehensive set of links to relevant blog posts by Michael Gondrin (2017)

Tony Burke’s Introduction to Fakes, Forgeries, and Fictions, which has an insightful discussion of GJW (2017)

Jesus’s Wife on the Web – Chance Bonar has an insightful article (2017)

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