Christopher B. Zeichmann

University of Toronto


Welcome to the homepage of Chris Zeichmann, scholar of the New Testament.


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Research Project: Soldiers and Civilians

My dissertation describes and theorizes soldier-civilian interactions in first-century Jewish Palestine, focusing especially on the ambiguity of resistance and collusion in daily life.

Research Project: Militaria

I am also working to collect all textual finds (inscriptions, papyri, etc.) that relate to the military in Palestine 63BC-135 CE into a single corpus. If this project interests you, please contact me.

Research Project: Politics of Interpretation

Finally, I am interested in the politics of biblical interpretation. I am also working on a book chapter on how biblical representations of gender and sexuality become racialized by modern readers.

My latest blog posts:

Chapter in an upcoming book

Posted by on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 in Academics, ideological criticism, Scripture.

Robert Myles has posted the Table of Contents for an upcoming book to which I am contributing, Class Struggle in the New Testament which will be published by Fortress Academic/Lexington Press. The Table of Contents looks amazing! Class Struggle in the New Testament! (Robert J. Myles) Jesus, the Temple, and the Crowd: A Way Less […]

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Posted by on Monday, July 30th, 2018 in Academics, comics.

This page collects all links for my book chapter “X-Men Films and the Domestication of Dissent: Sexuality, Race, and Respectability” Last updated: 30 July 2018 _______________________________ Ahmed, Sara. 2004b. “Declarations of Whiteness: The Non-performativity of Anti-Racism.” borderlands 3/2: n.p. Available from Brothers, David. 2013. Professor X Isn’t Martin Luther King, and Magneto Isn’t Malcolm […]

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