Christopher B. Zeichmann

University of Toronto


Welcome to the homepage of Chris Zeichmann, doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto.

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Research Project: Dissertation

My dissertation describes and theorizes soldier-civilian interactions in first-century Jewish Palestine, focusing especially on the ambiguity of resistance and collusion in daily life.

Research Project: Militaria

I am also working to collect all textual finds (inscriptions, papyri, etc.) that relate to the military in Palestine 63BC-135 CE into a single corpus. If this project interests you, please contact me.

Research Project: Politics of Interpretation

Finally, I am interested in the politics of biblical interpretation. I am also working on a book chapter on how biblical representations of gender and sexuality become racialized by modern readers.

My latest blog posts:

Superman: Champion of the Oppressed

Posted by on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 in Academics, comics.

I have uploaded some images that may interest those who have read my article, “Champion of the Oppressed: Redescribing the Jewishness of Superman as Populist Authenticity Politics,” Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 29 (2017): forthcoming.   The first four Figures are discussed in the article itself.  I have included some other images and interesting links […]

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Appendices for Dissertation

Posted by on Saturday, January 14th, 2017 in Academics, Scripture, Uncategorized.

This is a static URL that will have links to material from appendices for my dissertation. Appendix 1: Texts on the Military and Early Roman Palestine Appendix 2: Overview of Military Sites in Early Roman Palestine Appendix 3: Overview of Levantine Military History, 63 BCE–132 CE   Enlarged Map from Appendix 2

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