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New book review

A new review of my book was published in Journal for the Study of the New Testament and was quite positive! “Zeichmann’s well-written and engaging study of the Roman military throughout the NT is both illuminating and provocative.” That’s one heck of an opening sentence!

Gary W. Burnett, Journal for the Study of the New Testament 41/5 (2019): 17.

New Article in Scripta Classica Israelica

For those interested, an article I co-authored with Fernando Bermejo-Rubio was recently published in Scripta Classica Israelica: Where Were the Romans and What Did They Know? Military and Intelligence Networks as a Probable Factor in Jesus of Nazareth’s Fate. Here is the abstract, for those interested:

In the wake of the Gospels’ accounts, modern scholars do not pay much attention to the role Romans played in Jesus of Nazareth’s arrest, and are prone to give credit to manifestly biased sources. Besides, some misconceptions (e.g. that the military in pre-War Judaea was exclusively confined to its largest cities) prevent them from seriously weighing up the possibility that the role of the Romans in Jesus’ fate was more decisive than usually recognized. In this article, we reconsider a number of issues in order to shed light on this murky topic. First, the nature and functions of the Roman military in Judaea are surveyed (for instance, Palestine before the Jewish War had a robust network of fortlets and fortresses, which Benjamin Isaac has argued largely served to facilitate communication into the hinterlands). Second, we track some traces of anti-Roman resistance in the prefects’ period (6-41 CE), Third, the widely overlooked issue of the intelligence sources available to Roman governors is tackled. Fourth, the extent of the problems of the Passion accounts is seriously taken into account. The insights obtained are then applied to the Gospels’ story, thereby rendering it likely that Pilate had some degree of “intelligence” regarding Jesus and his followers before their encounter in Jerusalem that led to the collective execution at Golgotha.

Finally, that very issue has a nice review of my book by the great scholar Oliver Stoll. For those that care to read it, it can be found here.

Chapter in an upcoming book

Robert Myles has posted the Table of Contents for an upcoming book to which I am contributing, Class Struggle in the New Testament which will be published by Fortress Academic/Lexington Press. The Table of Contents looks amazing!

  1. Class Struggle in the New Testament! (Robert J. Myles)
  2. Jesus, the Temple, and the Crowd: A Way Less Traveled (Neil Elliott)
  3. Romans Go Home? The Military as a Site of Class Struggle in the Roman East and New Testament (Christopher B. Zeichmann)
  4. Peasant Plucking in Mark: Conceptual and Material Issues (Alan H. Cadwallader)
  5. IVDAEA DEVICTA: The Gospels as Imperial “Captive Literature” (Robyn Faith Walsh)
  6. Fishing for Entrepreneurs in the Sea of Galilee? Unmasking Neoliberal Ideology in Biblical Interpretation (Robert J. Myles)
  7. Hand of the Master: Of Slaveholders and the Slave-Relation (Roland Boer and Christina Petterson)
  8. Populist Features in the Gospel of Matthew (Bruce Worthington)
  9. Troubling the Retainer Class in Antiquity (Sarah E. Rollens)
  10. Rethinking Pauline Gift and Social Functions: Class Struggle in Early Christianity? (Taylor Weaver)
  11. The Origin of Archangels: Ideological Mystification of Nobility (Deane Galbraith)
  12. Christian Origins and the Specter of Class: Locating Class Struggle in the New Testament Today (James G. Crossley)


This page collects all links for my book chapter “X-Men Films and the Domestication of Dissent: Sexuality, Race, and Respectability”

Last updated: 30 July 2018


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Guest blog post at The Shiloh Project

A recent guest blog post at The Shiloh Project that I wrote has recently been uploaded. The Shiloh Project is important work concerning rape culture and the bible – this particular blog post addresses the healing of the centurion’s slave and how rape culture informs certain interpretations of the passage.

You can find the post here:

Guest post at the University of Toronto Press blog!

Getting the rights to publish images of Superman in my recent article was far more complicated than I had expected, so I wrote a blog post about it at the UofT Press blog.

I would just want to add, as an addendum to the post, that DC Comics granted me the rights to publish two of the four images requested, but did not elaborate on the reasons.  The two they granted explicitly mentioned the Jewish judge Samson and were the two that had Superman in costume, so I would speculate that they were approved for some combination of those reasons, but who knows?