Christopher B. Zeichmann

University of Toronto

Early Publication on Queer Biblical Interpretation

Posted by on Friday, April 24th, 2015

As part of my forthcoming, and long gestating, project on homonormative and heteronormative interpretations of the Healing of the Centurion’s Slave, I endeavoured to collect all references to publications referring to possible sexual subtexts to the passage (Matthew 8:5-13//Luke 7:1-10).  One obscure, but important, publication I got my hands on was Tom Horner’s annotated bibliography of relevant works called “Homosexuality in Biblical Times.”  This work was a running publication and grew regularly: 6 pages as of 1977, 1 more in 1978, and a final page as of 1979.  It seems to have been self-published, so it’s long out of print. Since it’s just an annotated bibliography, there isn’t any original research here, but it may be of interest to historians of interpretation and especially historians of queer interpretation.

Anyway, Horner’s little book can be found here, and my article “Rethinking the Gay Centurion:Sexual Exceptionalism, National Exceptionalism in Readings of Matt 8:5-13//Luke 7:1-10” will be out in late June via The Bible and Critical Theory.